Frequently Asked Questions

Is overnight shipping available for all product?

Yes! We currently offer shipping  within the continental US for all of our products, with an overnight option through FedEx for perishable product.  Shipping charges are determined by dimensional weight and destination. Dimensional weight is the overall size of the box or weight, whichever is greater. Most of the time, the size of the box is the determining factor.

Can I get a better shipping rate if I place a large order?

The on-line store is meant for smaller order processing.  For larger orders of  dahlia tubers or bare root roses, please contact us directly.  Larger orders packed in a single box can result in lower shipping charges, and that's good for you!

When do Bare Root Roses and Dahlia Tubers ship?

Shipping of bare root roses begins in March for most areas in the country and continues through April.  Just let us know when you'd like to receive them, or as soon as your soil is workable.  

Dahlia tubers are more temperature sensitive and are shipped in the beginning of April and into the first half of May. 

Can I pick up product from the farm rather than have it shipped?

Yes! We encourage local customers to pick up product to save on shipping costs.

Where is the price list for fresh cut flowers?

We provide retail/wholesale pricing upon request. 

Is wholesale pricing an option with a resale permit?

For most of our product, yes! Bareroot and potted roses are available with retail pricing at this time.  

Is the farm open to the public?

While we would love to share the beauty of our farm with everyone, our farm is not currently open to the public. 

Do you hold workshops on the farm?

Occasionally, yes. We enjoy hosting a variety of teachers with special skills that want to share their knowledge with others. Any upcoming events will be announced on the website and on social media.

Still curious?

Please send your unanswered questions to!  We will respond as soon as we can.